Makita Cordless Combo Tools

Power tools have become a necessity in our everyday lives.

From making a simple hole in the wall to entirely painting the wall, power tools are always there to help finish the work quickly with finesse. 

Among these power tools, probably, the most frequently used tool has to be the power drill machines.

Makita Corporation is a renowned company that has great accreditation all around the world for its durability and unmatched power tools.

Hence, the following reviews of an array of Makita Power Drills that are worth looking at. Do have a look at all these cordless drills.

Models reviewed:

  • FD061 
  • LCT209W 
  • LCT200W 
  • XT218 
  • LCT300W 
  • LXT406 
  • LXT601 XT704

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