Makita 9237CX3 Review

This is a Makita 9237CX3 review.

The Makita 9237CX3 7-Inch Hook and Loop Electronic Polisher-Sander with Polishing Kit is the set that you should get when you want a high-gloss finish.

Take your shiny car out for a ride!

The Makita Sander Polisher is the companion you need when you want a good polish for your car. 

The dual-purpose tool is handy and easy to use so that you can switch from polisher to sander in no time!

Finish all your tasks with the use of this tool. You can now have one handy tool to use whenever you need to polish or smooth some things out.

makita polisher 9237cx3 used for polishing black car

Makita Buffer 9237CX3 Features

Getting High Gloss Finish

If you want to have a delightful shine on your car, then this polisher will accomplish that for you.

This is equipped with a powerful 10 AMP motor and electronic speed control (0 – 3000 rpm) for easy usage.

Not only that, but the Makita 9237CX3 buffer is also convertible into a sander. Now you can work with wood and paint using the same Makita tool.

Just reach for the sanding discs, and I’m sure you can accomplish your work without any more hassle.


The 10 amp motor drives the Makita 9237CX3 sander to make it perfect for auto detailing. Also, if you want to hide some scratches and paint imperfections, you can use this powerful polisher.

The variable speed of the motor can operate between 0-3200 RPMs. If you are doing some aggressive polishing, you might take the polisher to its full speed.

There is a pre-set setting for 3200 RPM so that you can take control of the 9237CX3 speed whenever you want to.

The polisher sander also has a lock-on button so you can efficiently work under constant speed. Even when it is operating with or without load, you will not find it hard to maneuver because it has two types of handles: the loop handle and side handle.

Use the soft-start feature to start the tool smoothly with every use! (..)

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