Dewalt DCK280C2 Review

This is my Dewalt DCK280C2 Review.

If you are looking for a quality driver combo kit that combines a 1/2-inch drill/driver and 1/4-inch impact driver, the DEWALT DCK280C2 combo tool kit is an answer.

DCK280C2 is a two tool cordless drill combo kit manufactured by Dewalt.

It is ideal for those people who often need and use these two cordless tools, like cabinet makers, plumbers, and contractors, to go through various applications.

So if you are in need of a drill and an impact wrench for whatever reason it may serve you, you should definitely check out the DCK280C2 set features.

Dewalt DCK280C2 Review From Users

dewalt dck280c2 review

After doing research, I found customers prefer DEWALT model DCK280C2 because of its lightweight and slim size.

Together with the improved rubber clutch, you can hold or carry it around with ease while working on your projects.

Earlier, the tools came with a hard case, but now you can use the sturdy bag with a contoured handle. This makes it easy to carry drills and accessories. Or, carry the drivers using belt hooks without the tools dragging you.

There is a high torque impact driver who can give you the comfort of using less force to drive in a screw. You won’t get exhausted after working because of spending more energy to drive in a screw.

As you continue working, you need minimal effort to shift from high to low power or to fit a chuck into the drill.

What if you need to use the tool in a tight space? The ergonomic size is convenient and allows you to work with ease.

Furthermore, the drill lights up the working area. It has one LED while the impact driver has 3 LED lights. (..)

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